Google – They’ve spent millions at CES by building a booth that is larger and more comprehensive than any booth in recent history outdoors from the convention center.   They’ve wrapped the LV monorail with their logo, and have signs outside of the convention center are several stories high. All with the hopes of selling you, the consumer your next smart speaker device. Their device clearly has great sound, and great features – but they’re easily 2 years behind the leader.  (Amazon Echo). No amount of money in my opinion will ever buy enough time to catch Amazon. The market has already spoken, and the Ring acquisition by Amazon only solidifies this.

Years ago, Google made a splash with the geek community over Google Glass(es). Google was truly ahead of their time with this augmented reality product, and ultimately killed this off. It’s obvious that others like Vuzix ( have clearly picked up the torch and taken the product to the next step. When paired with a smart phone, it can easily eclipse watch functionality, with a face mounted camera can provide a more realistic perspective when taking pictures.

Watches of all kinds were demonstrated at the show, yet a high percentage of attendees seemed to be sporting apple watches on their wrists. Companies like Garmin ( ),  but also startups like are putting as much technology on your wrist as possible.  In my opinion these products may become either accessories or applications for the apple watch in the future.   Apple has clearly cornered the smartwatch product, and eclipsed their competition.  The competition will be headed for clearance racks near you sooner than later.

3d printing and pens at the low end, strikes me as a solution looking for a problem.   Lots of little models mostly ornaments made of plastic.   Some may be small scale models of something larger, but most seem to be demonstrations of what ornaments can be made. now make products that can print with Potato Starch, or Chocolate, allowing for tastier models I guess.

8 years ago, Parrot introduced the AR Drone.   Today companies like Flir (, DJI (, and several other companies have commercialized these consumer grade products for things like home inspection, 3d modeling, and even crop dusting.   We are starting to see consumer grade underwater drones for inspection as well. Too early to tell whether underwater drones are useful or not, existing models will not stand up to waves on the beach, or the local turtle.

Monitoring of Air quality, both for air pollution as well as smoke detection sensors was big as CES.   Initially, I thought none of this is new. To use the example – Fire detection is new being detected in software on old smartphones (   Expect this to be added to firmware in cameras and DVR’s one day soon.

Water sensors were also popular, which can also tell you whether you have a slow leak or not.   If it’s a major leak some are equipped with valves to turn off the water in these situations.   You just need a plumber who understands electrical and networking and you’re all set ?


Interesting products, in no particular order:

1drop – Can test Glucose, Uric Acid, and Cholesterol using a test strip that hooks up to your smart phone camera. Not FDA approved yet, but interesting idea.

EyeQue VisionCheck– Test your vision using their kit and your smartphone from home. Order glasses online.

Pillo – Voice activated medicine dispenser.  Make sure that you get the same dosage of medicine daily. Designed for people who are forgetful.

Elecpro US:E – Facial recognition door lock/doorbell/video camera, just starting but facial recognition is where it’s all headed.  Currently discounts on kickstarter.

Litter Robot – Smart phone cat litter box –

Yomee – The worlds first automatic yogurt maker.  Trying to do for Yogurt what Keurig did for Coffee

Mixologiq – – Perfect Cocktails in a few seconds.    More of a commercial product, but obviously where the industry is going.

Wilkinson Baking – Breadbot, estimated at $100,000 will bake a different loaf of bread every 6 minutes.   Geared towards but another mass customization crowd pleaser.

Secure Data –  A FIPS encrypted hard disk, that can use a smartphone as a key gateway or a key.   Well thought out product for securely transferring physical copies of data.

Pepper – – A smart scale that can provide nutritional facts, so you know what you are eating.   Great concept, will be interested if it makes it to market.

Pix – LED Backpack – – Not sure if this is the next fidget spinner or not.  Useless but fun.

Time Kettle – – With software and your smartphone you can understand what people are talking to you.  Leverages your smart phone and the cloud, but where the technology is going.  Expect integration with things like smart glasses one day soon.

Printbrush XDR – Print on anything using your smartphone.   Now on Kickstarter.   Uses standard inkjet cartridges.

WonderPainter – Where AI meets animation, not commercialized yet but very cool.

Ellcie Healty – – Eyewear that can detect and remedy drowsiness.

Strikezon – Simulating and improving your Tennis, Golf, or Batting average.    Very Interactive, and probably showing up in a shopping mall or health club near you soon.

O2nails – apparently there are now multiple companies making nail printers.

Shadecraft Bloom – A smart outdoor umbrella –

Scootcase – Ride your own luggage, although they have competition.  Not sure you’re getting on the plane with it though.

StallMate – Horrifiing and entertaining at the same time.