Technology Analysis

Technology needs to either save our client time, or make them more money.   We have decades of experience choosing solutions that work well.

Physical Technology Infrastructure

Quality cabling, quality installation, and documentation ensures that a lower total cost of ownership is achieved.


Surprises are for parties, not technology.   Technology has ensure that it complements what you already own, and scales as needed.

Computer Security

Your data is simply yours.   Our services focus on ensuring that it stays that way, is backed up, and transported in an encrypted manner.


Through advanced tools and scripting, maintenance is at the core of what we do. Unscheduled downtime is not acceptable.

Vendor Management

We can be the “one throat to choke” in a technology environment.  We have multiple decades of experience of working nicely with others at all levels of management.

Our goal is to take care of our customers through the entire life cycle of their technology.  We help our clients choose, implement and maintain their solutions.  Let us help you create a system that will allow your business to run more efficiently


About us


Our CEO and director, Dan Gelman, has over 30 years of experience in the computer industry.  Dan prides himself on being knowledgeable and responsive to the client’s needs.  He expects no less of everyone who works for him.

Excellence is the common goal shared by all of the dedicated staff at Snarling Realities.  Our team consists of a tightly knit group of people working side-by-side; whose skills have been honed through years of experience.  Our consistent staff holds multiple advanced level certifications in their fields, such as MCITP (Microsoft), MCSE (Microsoft), ASE (HP), Master ASE (HP).

Dan Gelman
Chief Executive Officer
Snarling Realities, Inc.

Contact us

Drop us a line at support [@] snarlingrealities.com or visit us.

We are more than happy to make your life easier and your workflow convenient!