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Our Client Focus  
Snarling Realities, Inc. provides consulting and professional IT services to small and mid-sized businesses in the New York City area. Often, our clients have multiple offices in the United States. 

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Our Services

We work with our clients through the entire lifecycle of the technology.  We help our clients choose, implement and maintain their solutions.  We have expertise in solutions ranging from network and telephone wiring (or wireless!), power plant, network  infrastructure, internet and remote office connectivity, security, telephony and integrated messaging, servers, desktops, notebooks, handhelds and other end-user equipment, printing, faxing, operating system and application software, backup, business continuity, disaster recovery solutions and just about any technology solution that a business needs to run efficiently.  

Our Approach to Technology Solutions

As consultants and technical solution providers, we consider it to be our obligation to assist our clients with clarifying their objectives and choosing appropriate solutions for their business needs.  We make technology choices comprehensible to our clients.  We want to show our clients the benefits and potential of technology solutions as applied to their business.  We also disclose some of the ‘snarling realities’ of technology, whether it be limitations, hidden costs or incompatibility with existing systems or business objectives. The right choices make all the difference.

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